I am dedicating my life to making biology easier to engineer.

I both want to understand how the world works at its core and build huge systems that change how we interact (or think) about living things.

I studied Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Bioengineering at Berkeley. I dropped out to work on a stealth startup with pre-seed investment from Lucy Guo , the House , and Tyler Cowen .

I’m currently reading generally about or working on projects relating to:

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A lot of progress has been stalled because people aren’t ambitious enough or diversely technical. Social cancer and (misaligned) incentives certainly don’t help.

There’s a very real and unique opportunity to rewrite history over the next few decades. Computing (the serverless kind), statistics (the ml kind), and automation (the non-grad student kind) are doing something special in a field that has been more qualitative then quantitative since its birth.

Please reach out if you want to work on these problems for real.

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